Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Light My Candle

Really really liked it but did not LOVE it. Skyler Astin and Aaron Tveit rocked it as Mark and Rodger!!! Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal will always be those characters for me but Astin and Tveit did an amazing job at bringing these characters to life. Vanessa Hudgens was bad as I expected. She just tried tooooo hard and it showed. She started off weak and great stronger with each song.The stand out performance came from Nicole Scherzinger. If the Hollywood Bowl would have had a roof she would have blown it away. She brought her A game to the table and killed it as Maureen. By far the best performance of Over The Moon I have EVER seen.

NPH did a great job of trying to keep in tact the overall feel of the orginal production but he did make many small changes. I missed the extra phone calls and homeless songs between the big numbers that were cut down for the show. Overall it was a fun rendition of the show but the orginial with the orginal cast is the BEST!!! The highlight for me was seeing Mr. and Mrs. Larson after the show at stage door. It was an amazing!!! God Bless those parents for being so supportive of the RENT community:)


"light my candle"-song from RENT

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