Sunday, November 29, 2009

Practically Perfect

MARY POPPINS: LOVE ITLA you must go see this musical. This play will make you want to bust out all of your old Disney films and make you want to be a child again. I have wanted to see this show ever since it's debut on Broadway and it was well worth the wait. The show is full of the Disney magic that they are so good at creating.
I attended Friday night's performance and it was a truly magical experience from start to finish. There is something in the air at the Music Center during the holidays. There where tons of families there (old and young) dressed in their Sunday best walking around with hot chocolate and taking pictures at the Christmas tree in the plaza. The Ahmanson Theatre was sold out there was not one empty seat in the whole place. There was a buzz in theatre before the show started. When the Overture started to play the place went silent yet the excitement came over me as those famous notes rang out. The musical itself stays true to the story of the books and the Disney Movie. The two leads straight from Broadway really carry the show, Ashley Brown and Gavin Lee reprising their roles as Mary Poppins and Bert. My favorite acts from the show were #1: Step In Time (this dance number took my breath away), #2: A Spoonful of Sugar (my mom used to sing that song to me when I did not want to take my medicine) and #3: Jolly Holiday (most fun filled number that makes you want to sing-a-long).
My family did stage door afterwards and to my surprise the stage door was made up of ten people. We got to meet Ashley Brown who could not be any nicer. She took a photo with my niece and nephew and even singed our programs. My niece and nephew also got umbrellas from the Mary Poppins store (thanks to my mother). The two of them were obsessed with Wicked and told me that now Mary Poppins is there favorite or tied as favorite musicals they have seen.

For Tickets and more info CLICK HERE! The show only runs until February 7th so get your tickets today!
"Practically Perfect"-song from Mary Poppins the musical

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