Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't own emotion -- I rent

So I just got back from seeing RENT at the OCPAC! The show was amazing like always. Every time I hear Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp sing it gave me chills, and there are no words to even describe how wonderful it is to get to hear them live. I could listen to both of them sing over and over and still love it. Justin Johnson played Angel was so heartwarming and funny. Johnson's performance was better then his performance on RENT LIVE (on the taped performance he was awesome as well), he really brought it tonight! Nicolette Hart was sooo much better tonight then the last time I saw her perform. She really rocked it as Maureen! Andy Senor as Steve/others was soo moving when he sang Will I? I could not hold back the tears. And Lexi Lawson as Mimi just killed it when she sang Goodbye Love (another tear maker). Gwen Stewart's solo always makes me cry, what a powerful voice. I was happy to see Shaun Earl as Paul again, he was in my cast when I saw it on Broadway. Overall this cast rocked it! I am so glad I went to see them again!

For this week's weekly playlist I listed my favorite lyrics from the show. But as I was watching the show I remember so many more of my favs such as: 1) "I think they meant it, When they said you can't buy love, Now I know you can rent it, A new lease you are, my love, On life -- be my life"-from I'll Cover You 2)"You're what you own, So I own not a notion, I escape and ape content, I don't own emotion -- I rent"- from What You Own 3) "It's time now to sing out, the story never ends let's celebrate remember a year in the life of friends. How about love!" from Seasons of Love.

We did stage door and got to meet Anthony Rapp again, Lexi Lawson and Nicolette Hart! They were are super nice! We were very sad that Adam Pascal did not come out! But Asia (my niece) and I made him a card for his birthday. I know were are total dorks but it was good that we did because we where able to leave it at stage door for him. Also I left fellow blogger Andy Senor a card giving him suggestions on places to eat while in the OC for his blog La Vie Boh..MMM! (amazing blog click here to check it out!) Cross our fingers that they make it to them.

If you want to go see RENT still but do not have a ticket DO NOT WORRY. The OCPAC was not sold out tonight, that place is huge! I would suggest to go on Thursday because you would have a better chance on getting good seats. Click Here get tickets!

Here are some Stage Door photos:
" I don't own emotion -- I rent"-lyrics from What You Own