Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Episode 6: Vitamin D
How good was tonight's show? SOO GOOD, I loved it. For starters this show was a bit more plot driven with only two musical mash ups. The boys did It's My Life/Confessions Pt. 2 and were very boy bandish. The girls did Halo/Walking on Sunshine which to me didn't seem like it was going to work but wow was I wrong.
So lets recap what we know. Sue writes a dairy and is only turning 30. Apparently you can become a public school nurse with just a retail background. Quinn is giving up her baby to Terri because she doesn't want to hurt Finn. Finn has a really hard life which is causing him to not doing so well with video games. Rachel is working towards a Grammy. Drugs aren't drugs as long as they are over the counter, according to Terri. Emma and Ken are now engaged to be married but they will not have a big church wedding and they are still going to live on other sides of town. And now Sue and Will will co-lead the GLEE club.

GLEE Around Town: Lea Michele was on Letterman this week. You can find clips on the CBS website. The photo to the right is from last Wednesday, Sept. 30th, 2009 when Amber Riley and Cory Monteith ring the NASDAQ closing bell in New York City, NY. Coagulation's guys!

NPR: Jane Lynch was interviewed on All Things Considered.She talks about the show, about her career and much more. I love when she describes her character. Click Here to Listen!!!

Above from Chris Colfer's youtube account:OfficalChrisColfer .
"Halo"-song performed on GLEE

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