Friday, May 8, 2009

Aint Misbehavin

I went to see Aint Misbehavin at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles; staring Eugene Barry-Hill, Doug Eskew, Armelia McQueen, Roz Ryan, and Debra Walton. The show celebrates the music and style of Thomas "Fats" Walker. It featured songs such as The Viper's Drag/The Reefer song, Your Feet's Too Big, and Black & Blue.

Though the show was full of great numbers and performances by the cast, but the bottom line is that it lacked a storyline. The show was too many songs, no storyline, no message, and was too, too, too long. After the fifth song in a row without a break, I checked out. If you love the music of "Fats", then you will love it but if not then save your money and skip this one.

"Aint Misbehavin" -title track from Aint Misbehavin

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