Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrate Your Community

There is a great show currently running over at the Kirk Douglas Theatre called Taking Over. It written by Danny Hoch who also stars in this one man show. The play deals with gentrification in Brooklyn, NY. Gentrification refers to changes in demographics in an urban area due to development and revitalization of the community. These changes lead to a change of culture and character within the neighborhood. The play takes at deep look into how these changes in a neighborhoods effects all its residents and leaving some feeling displaced in within own communities.

It funny, its honest, and Danny Hoch does such a good job telling so many different sides of the story. Check out his website The play runs until February 21st, so hurry out to Culver City and see it!

"Celebrate Your Community" comes from a scene in the play where one of the characters grabs the mic at a community event to talk about how he feels about the changes in his neighborhood.

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