Monday, February 16, 2009

How Do You Document Real Life

RENT will be in Los Angeles in ten days but who's counting... If you are a RENTHEAD like me then you should know that many of the cast members have been documenting there experiences while on tour on the web.
Check out is Adam Pacal and Anthony Rapp on NY PIX news blog where they are getting interviewed about the tour. Click here to watch!

The official blog . Gwen Stewart, Adam Halpin, and Lexi Lawson as well as many other cast member have been writing entries and posting videos. You can also get the RENT Widget. They also have all the links to each cast members own personal website/myspace. Check it out!

Telly Leung who plays Steve(and others) has been the one in charge of filming the tour videos for the Everything is RENT YouTube account. They have videos on were the eat, the theatre they are currently in, the stage door, backstage madness, and much more. (click here to see the latest)

Don't forget to join the RENT facebook page. They send you RENT updates every Friday!

"How do you document real life"- Lyrics from song RENT

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