Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Paciencia y Fe

Just saw In The Heights with Lin Manuel Miranda on Tuesday and was blown away. Just this past April I saw the current Broadway cast after years of patiently waiting to see the show (Paciencia y Fe). Though I loved the Broadway cast I had, this cast on Tour for the Los Angeles run is truly mind blowing. To start with Lin is Usnavi he does not just play him on stage but he lives and breathes that character. What I mean is that you can just tell in his performance that he is so passionate about bring this story to life on stage (after all this is the world he created). He has the power to make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with every single character in the show. On of my favorite funny bits of the show is Usnavi's celebration after getting a date with Vanessa and let me just say Lin is the only person I can see do that bit correctly ever. His quirky dance moves and rapping skills are amazing. There is no question that this man deserves his Tony Award!

Other cast members that rocked where Sabrina Sloan who played Vanessa. She is so talented and completely blows you away during It Wont Be Long. Rogelio Douglas Jr. who plays Benny has one of the best singing/rapping voices I have ever heard. Arielle Jacobs who plays Nina brought me to tears during Breathe. Shaun Taylor-Corbett plays Sunny and steals every scene he is in. 96,000 by far is my favorite number to see performed live. I get chills watching each cast member being spot lighted in that song and then all come together in that awesome kick ass chorus. I could go on and on but I will make this a short entry so you can hurry and go get your tickets. Please go see In The Heights at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood it runs till July 25th!!!

The show is having it opening night festivities tonight so I will post photos of who attended soon so please check back!
"Paciencia y Fe"-song from In The Heights

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