Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heal Their Hearts-Freedom

RIVERDANCE: Liked & Hated all at the same time?
So last night I went to the opening night performance of Riverdance at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. It was interesting to say the least. The dancers are amazingly talented and kept the crowd asking for more. I however was quite alright with the over two hour long show. One thing I did like about the show was how it brielfy touched on the blending of cultues through dance here in American and the simualrities between tap and Irish step dancing. The stand out performance was given by the Riverdance Baritone Soloist, Michael Samuels, that man can sing! The BAD: I could do with out all the instrumental solos, Irish singing, horrible LIGHTING that blinds you and the 90's plain/ bare SET DESIGN (eww) and flashy costumes but then it wouldn't be Riverdance. So in short Dancers AWESOME! Show itself sucked!
If you like Irish dance then go see the show. It runs till the 24th of this month. Click Here for more details.

"Heal Their Hearts-Freedom"-song from Riverdance

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  1. Set design from the 90's?

    Now it's TWO decades old.