Monday, September 6, 2010

Die, Vampire, Die!

[title of show] LOVED IT!!! This past Friday night I attended Celebration Theatre's production of [title of show] and kicked myself so not going to see this gem in LA Theatre sooner!!! From the minds of Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen the show tells the real life account of their writing of the show, an original musical about two guys writing an original musical, and the friends the bring along the way. Jeff (Jeffrey Landman) and Hunter (Micah McCain) are trying to write this original musical in just three weeks for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. The boys decide to enlisting Susan (Jennifer R. Blake) who is an actor by night and corporate employee by day, struggling Broadway starlight Heidi (Carey Peters), and often left out keyboardist (Gregory Nabours).

I have the soundtrack I have grown to love the original cast members and I was a bit worried to see other people play these characters I have grown to love, but I had nothing to worry about. This cast rocked it! Their comic timing was spot on and they flowed together so well. Each actor did an amazing job at making their character their own yet still keeping mannerisms that were true to the real life people; for instance Hunter's rambling, and Jeff's annoyance facial expressions towards Hunter' crazy ideas. As many of you who read my blog a lot you know my love of Susan Blackwell's work and I want to give BIG props to Jennifer R. Blake so bringing her to life. Blake rocked it during Die, Vampire, Die! There were many moments in the musicals that blew me away but Carey Peters performance of A Way Back To Then was flawless! Jeffery Landman's and Micah McCain performance of An Original Musical was exactly how I pictured it to be, AMAZING. What I loved about the theatre at Celebration is that it is a black box theatre that is really small. It meant you where close up and personal through out the whole show. For this show it worked soo well because you wanted to feel like you were in their apartment writing the show with them. Also because I happen own the cast soundtrack so I know all the lyrics to the show and found it extremely hard to not singalong, but I must admit I totally let out loud PARTY LINE!.

If the production itself was not enough, before the show even started I got the biggest surprise, THE REAL HUNTER AND JEFF were in the audience. Yes, that's right Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen just happened to be in Los Angeles and decided to see the show. It was an honor to be able to watch their reaction to there own material being performed by others. Hunter appeared to be emotional during certain scene and it was great to see his love of the show. After the show my friend Allyson and I meet them and got their autographs. They could not be any nicer.
SO RUN AND GET YOU TICKETS TODAY TO SEE [title of show]!!! There are only a few performances left and trust me you do not want to miss it. click here for more info!

[title of show] Los Angeles - Webisode 1 'Awkward Photo Shoot' from Erick Long on Vimeo.

*photo thanks to Celebration Theatre facebook

"Die, Vampire, Die!"-song from [title of show]

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