Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As promised a full report of August Osage County at Center Theatre Group's Ahmanson Theatre.
I LOVED the play from start to finish especially because it is a story has so many twists and turns. The play is about the Weston family from Oklahoma reuniting to find their missing father. The play deals so many issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, death, aging, generation gaps, racism, incest, etc. I know that is some heavy stuff to deal with but do not think this show is depressing because that is not true! This show is a ball of emotions from funny to electrifying to sad to unsettling etc. I left the show not knowing how to feel.
The play has three acts and is very long (drink coffee!). But each act ends leaving the audience even more moved then the last; at the edge of theirs seats wondering whats next? The audience members seated next to me where every vocal about their feeling towards the play after each act and even during the play itself. The lady next to me turned to me several times during the show to tell me how well the cast was, how great the dialogue was and even to tell me "that's a line I am gonna use". A guy sitting on the other side told me after act two to hold on because we were just getting started on the craziness in this story (he was right).
The national touring cast is prefect. They are so believable in their roles that you want to go up on stage to give them a hug at times or throw a plate along side them. The cast is lead by Estelle Margaret Parsons as Violet Weston the matriarch of the Weston family, who is addicted prescription drugs. Shannon Cochran plays Barbara Fordham the oldest daughter of Estelle who is separated from her husband. Both women were the standout performances of the whole piece. The rest of the cast includes Jon DeVries, Libby George, Stephen Riley Key, Emily Kinney, Laurence Lau, Marcus Nelson, Paul Vincent O'Connor, Jeff Still, DeLanna Studi, Angelica Torn, and Amy Warren.

Also I just want to say that the set, designed by Todd Rosenthal, works so well for this piece and was just beautiful to look at. The set is complemented so well by lighting designed by Ann G. Wrightson.


The show runs at the Ahmanson Theatre from September 8th to October 18th. So go get your tickets for the show. NOTE: due to the fact that they play is three-acts long they do have special performance times that vary depending on the day so check the site for start times.
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"I'M IN CHARGE NOW"-line from August Osage county (best line of the whole play)

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