Saturday, September 5, 2009

Part of It All

So here are three Broadway show soundtracks that I currently rock out to in my car:
Next to Normal Original Cast Recording: This show is so heart breaking and beautiful. It is one of those recordings that you get something new from it each time you listen to it.This show should have won a Tony for best musical! My favorite tracks are "I am the One", "Just Another Day", and "Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I'm Falling". The stand out performer on the CD is Alice Ripley, she is amazing!
Hair The New Cast Recording: This cast is so full of life and passionate about the messages of play. The songs will be stuck in your head all day long. The standout performance on the soundtrack is Gavin Creel, his voice is heavenly. My favorite tracks are "Donna", "I Got Life", and "The Flesh Failures/Eyes Look Your Last/Let The Sun Shine In". Once you listen to this cast recording you will want to book a trip to NYC asap to see the show.
Title of Show Original Cast Recording: This original musical about two guys writing an original musical about two guys writing a musical is a must buy for any theatre junkie! Its fun, is fresh, and it is truly paves the way for new musicals to come. My favorite tracks are "Two Nobodies In New York", "An Original Musical", and "Nine People's Favorite Thing". The standout cast member is Hunter Bell, he is so talented.

"Part of It All"-song from Title of Show


  1. I saw HAIR in April. The show is so fabulous. I have the original cast recording from the 70s but not the revival recording. Is the revival recording on itunes or in stores?

  2. You can but the recording on Amazon, itunes, in stores, online at the Hair website, ect. Trust me buy it :)