Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Free

Just got back from watching Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, which I LOVED!
So I first hear about the project last year in spring and was excited to see it even before they started to film. If you are looking for a rock experience then go rent the documentary on Woodstock because this is not your kind of film. This film is about a man and his experiences behind the scenes of the event rather than then the event it self. So go see the film with an open mind, an open heart, and let yourself step back in to the summer of 1969.
I am officially a Demetri Martin fan! He is such a good actor and made you fall in love with his character Elliot Teichberg. Also my Spring Awakening loves Jonthan Groff and Skular Astin were amazing in their roles. Last but not least Liev Schreiber did such a great job and pulled off the dresses.

Here is a video of Jonathan Groff of Spring Awakening & Hair as he sits to discuss his career.

"I'm Free" -song from Tommy

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