Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Everyday - I try and I try and I try - But everybody wants to put me down

So the cast of GLEE has been everywhere in the media ! Just this morning Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith where on The View. Then over on Good Day LA Chris Colfer gave an interview and over on the Wendy Williams show Amber Patrice Riley was on.
Here is an interview for Entertainment Weekly with the cast of GLEE & the second video from Bonnie Hunt Show.

TONIGHTS SHOW: Episode 5: The Rhodes Not Taken
The show was so good! I loved the recap they gave very Ugly Betty of them :). By far Kristin Chenoweth was amazing!!! The part when she gets Kurt drunk was soo funny. Both Kristin and Lea sang Maybe This Time, WHO SANG IT BETTER? post you comments below. I am not sure I think I need to watch it again. Two of my favorite moments from this weeks episode where 1) Bowling: I was hoping that Rachel and Finn would kiss again and then they did! I can not wait for them to be a couple! 2)Somebody to Love: when the sing together like that I am so moved by their talent.
I can not wait for next weeks, until then check out this video.

"Everyday - I try and I try and I try - But everybody wants to put me down"-lyrics from Somebody to Love performed on GLEE

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