Thursday, September 17, 2009

That girl is poison

So episode 3 season 1: Acafellas.
It was a good episode but not as good as it's predecessors. The guest stars are what made this weeks episode shine. John Lloyd Young was soo funny as tumbless woodshop teacher Henri St. Pierre (who knew, I always took him to be so serious?). Victor Garber is perfectly casted as Will's father and Debra Monk as Will's drunk mother was amazing. Lastly Josh Groban was too funny and added a fun twist to things and the end to the Acafellas :(.
BUT...The storyline for this weeks show was weird? Will who has soooo much passion for GLEE leaves it behind so fast to start up a boy band, really? I would believe the storyline more if we were maybe 8 or 9 episodes in to the season. They needed to establish Will's commitment to the club more before he can just leave again (didn't he leave GLEE in the plot already???). I give this week's episode a B-. .
Here are some photo's from last nights show
"that girl is poison"- lyrics from song Posion which was performed on GLEE

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