Sunday, May 2, 2010

On Our Way

I have been keeping you up-to-date with news of John Tartaglia’s IMAGINOCEAN and I wanted to give you a full report of the show after seeing it for myself show during my stay in NYC. I attend Sunday’s (4/19) performance of the new family musical which is currently playing at the New World Stages (NYC) and LOVED IT.
When I walked in to the New World Stage Theatre it is very dim but you could still see around. Kids and their parents were buzzing as they waited for the show to start. When the show starts the lights go dark to reveal side stage wings on stage which two fishes who tell the children the rules of the theatre in very cute and fun way. The two fishes are meant to represent the Greek masks of Comedy and Tragedy. Once the rules are instructed the lights shut off and you are taken into the world under the sea with bubbles falling from the sky. The story forces on a group of fish friends (Dorsel, Bubbles, and Tank) who set off on an adventure after they uncover a treasure map. This journey leads them to learn about themselves and the true meaning of friendship. My favorite character was Dorsel a scared of everything fish who finds the courage within to overcome his fears. Overall the story is wonderful and made me long to be a five year old again.
The creative team behind the project wowed me from start to finish. William Wade did marvelous job with the music & lyrics of the show. The music was kid friendly but covered many genres of music that everyone could find a song they liked. Donna Drake did an amazing job directing and choreographing the movement of the sea life. The dance scenes and 3-D effects allowed audiences to feel a part of the show. Best dancing was done in the Jellyfish Jive number, tooo cute. The loved Michael Shawn Lewis innovative black light effects which make all the scenery glow with vibrate electric colors like you have never seen before. Even the bubbles glowed bright blue under the back light. The simple set, designed by Robert Kovach was not complicated nor complex which help you focus on the story. The set also worked well with the lighting to hide the puppeteers, allowing you to fully believe that you were under the swimming alongside Dorsel, Bubbles, and Trank. Last but not least the Puppets created by the Puppet Kitchen in New York City, were amazing. They look fun and cartoony yet they are build to still be very expressive. They are also sooo cute that you want to buy a plush toy to take home with you.
Overall if you are a child at heart or a parent looking to expose your children to the theatre a young age this is the show for you. I would say that this show is aimed more towards 4 to 9 year olds, though there are tons of jokes for the adults as well. This is also a great show for a field trip (they even have a study guide on their website). The show is only playing in NYC currently but I would hope to see a tour of the production to other cities soon.
For more information about John Tartaglia’s IMAGINOCEAN CLICK HERE.

"One Our Way" -song from ImaginOcean

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