Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funny Girl

GLEE UPDATE!!! Episode 20: Theatricality
How great was GLEE? It was such a fun and yet heartbreaking episode. I cried my eyes out through out the episode. When Kurt's dad stood up for him and was even willing to risk his relationship with his girlfriend for his son amazing! Then Idina Menzel singing Funny Girl, WOW. Then followed by her and Lea singing Poker Face, even more WOW. Though I did have mix feelings over the lyrics of Poker Face being sung out the why it was. I am very sad that there are only two more episode left before the season ends.
Here is behind the scenes look at Lady Gaga Episode!

Though Kurt is my favorite character in GLEE, Brittnay if fighting for that spot. Played by Heather Morris, Brittany is a DUMB cheerio who has the best one liners next to Sue on the show. Check out the video all about Heather and how she joined the cast of GLEE!

"Funny Girl"-self title song from Funny Girl

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