Monday, October 5, 2009

Come Up to My Office

Parade: LOVED IT(part1)

I went to see Parade at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre tonight (opening night). The musical made me remember why I love theatre so much. The show is so well put together from its haunting score, to its set, to its costumes, to its choreography. The director and choreographer Rob Ashford did an amazing job piecing the story together through movement and space. The Taper is the perfect fit to Ashfords direction because since the house is so small the actors are so close that you feel very connected to them not only emotionally but physically. With music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and book by Alfred Uhey they so eloquently brought to life the true story of Leo Frank. The story follows the trial and public outrage around Leo Frank's conviction for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1913. The story of Leo Frank caused a field day for the press and created outrage over the way in which the trail was handed, and followed his wife’s crusade for justice.

Let me start with Mr. T.R. Knight who played Leo Frank blew me away. Who knew he has such stage presence and vocal range. By far his best numbers were Come Up to My Office & All the Wasted Time . He did such a good job at making Leo Frank venerable, awkward, and yet so human. Then there was Lara Pulver who played Lucille Frank (Leo's wife), who has a voice that was sooo clear and peaceful. She made me want to go on stage and give her a hug when she was crying during the final number. Tony Award winner Christian Hoff who played Hugh Dorsey the Prosecuting Attorney in the case, blew me always as well. He is soo good at playing that guy you can not help like even though he is not the good guy. No wonder this man has a Tony and his voice is like no other. He truly he commands the stage in every solo he did. Last but not least David St. Louis who played Jim Conley (and others) who almost sung the roof off of the Taper! That man gave me chills during Blues:Feel the Rain Fall. He stood out every time he was on stage and moved me to tears.

If you are in the Southen Cali area then you need to get your butt to this production! It is currently playing at the Mark Taper Forum now until November 15th 2009, so do not wait! Click Here for Ticket INFO!

"Come Up to My Office"-song form Parade

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