Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Could Have Danced All Night

GLEE WEEKLY UPDATE!!!Episode 8: Mash-Up
So I am going to keep it short today, but how amazing was GLEE tonight? For the first time I felt bad for Sue. She was really putting herself out there and was being human for once. The Will and Sue dance was amazing. Who knew they both could swing dance like that? I loved Emma and Will tonight! Can they just kiss already and say out loud that they love each other? And the Thong Song was too funny. I got to say that Will was a bit dirty this week (The Thong song, Bust a Move and dancing with the ladies in one night?). Though I saw the Puck/Rachel hook up coming it was over way to fast. I thought they would draw it out a bit longer. Puck's dream was pretty funny though. Kurt took one for the team during the slushie war, what a true friend! By far the best moment of the show was the GLEE team throwing their slushies in Will's face in the end.

1) As previously reported Jonathan Groff will be joining the cast for 5 to 6 episodes! Anyone have any requests for songs he should sing? Please post your thoughts below.
2) Madonna's people have signed off on allowing the show to use her all of her songs! It is rumored that Quinn will sing Papa Don't Preach and Rachel Material Girl.
3) Matthew, Lea, and Cory will be featured on the next issue of Entertainment Weekly. So make sure you pick up a copy at your newsstand!
4) Rumors have also been flying as to who else will guest star in the show. One name that has been all over the place is Adam Lambert. Lea was on Rachel Ray on Wednesday and said how much she would love to see him on the show.

Well thats all for this week. More next Wednesday!
"I Could Have Danced All Night "-song from My Fair Lady

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