Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moo with me

WEEKLY PLAYLIST: Favorite lyrics from RENT!
I am getting ready to attend tonight's performance of RENT at the OCPAC and it got me thinking what are my favorite lyrics from the show. Some are very meaningful for me while others just make me laugh. Here they are:

1) "From here on in, I shoot without a script, See if anything comes of it, Instead of my old shit"-from Tune up 1. These lyrics where my title to my very 1st blog entry and it is part of the 1st lines of the show. These lyrics will now mean so much to me.
2) "The one song, Before the virus takes hold, Glory, Like a sunset, One song, To redeem this empty life, Time flies, And then - no need to endure anymore, Time dies"-from One Song Glory. I just love this song, sung by Adam Pascal. There is something about the longing in his voice that gives me chills. Knowing the story of Jonathan Larson, I can not help but think of him every time I hear this song and think of all his struggles to make it as a starving artist. How sad it is that he never got to see how much his show has impacted the world.
3) "No day but today"- from so many of the songs in RENT (Life Support, Another Day, Finale B, etc) As I have said in past entries I have gone on recording staying that this is my life motto. I truly think of these words and there meaning on a daily bases.
4) COLLINS: "I like boys" ANGEL: "Boys like me" from You'll See. I can not help but laugh every time I hear these lyrics. It says so much about Angel's character and about the relationship between Collins and Angel. :)
5) "I'd be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had Someone to live for -- unafraid to say I love you" from Goodbye love. I would truly want to have a taste of the love that Angel had from the love of his life (Collins) but from the support of his friends.
Honorable mention: "Moo with me." from Over the Moon. I just have to Moooo every time I hear Maureen ask me too.

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"Moo with me."from Over the Moon from RENT

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