Friday, October 16, 2009

No Day But Today!

"There's only now, There's only here, Give in to love, Or live in fear, No other path, No other way, No day but today"-RENT!!! It is RENT time all over again in So Cal. When I first started the blog back in February I could not stop taking about how excited I was to see Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in RENT. Seeing them recreating their roles on stage was life changing. I have always loved RENT for it's heart and for it's messages of love, friendship, and courage. But now more then ever the motto NO DAY BUT TODAY means the world to me. I myself have being going through a lot of life issues just like everyone does in life and that motto given to all RENT fans by the late Jonathan Larson reminds me that life is so precious and we must live every moment of it as if it were our last. I have programed the lyrics into my phone and it pops up every time I turn my phone on or off . Also I am planning to get a tattoo of the lyrics once I save up enough money. RENT more than any other show truly changed my life for the better. If you have not had the opportunity to see it yet please make sure you do so next week.

I am happy to report that the Orange County Performing Art's Center will be doing a $20 rush. So the line starts at 6am each morning of the show and the tickets can be bought 2 hours before the performance. They will selling the 1st two rows for $20 for all performance10/20-10/25, cash only, 2 per person max.

I will be attending Wednesday Night's performance and will give you a full report later that night. I can not wait to laugh my ass off and cry my eyes out.
"No Day But Today"-song from RENT (also know as Finale B)


  1. Hey Krystal, I've never seen RENT. Is there some way of getting in to see it with you guys? I probably wouldn't go see it alone.

  2. Well Daniel,
    I got tickets for my niece and I to see it. And we do not have much time to chat before or after the show b/c its a school night for her. We are running to the show once homework is done and then running her home to head to bed lol. Check with Tanya 1st see if she is going if not then get a ticket for Wednesday but like I said we are in a real rush for time.

  3. Daniel,
    If you do not get to see it on stage then we will do a screening of the RENT LIVE on DVD ok :)

  4. All right, thanks Krystal. It seems like you're in too much of a time crunch. I'll talk to Tanya, if not, then we'll watch it on DVD. Thanks!