Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keep Holding On

GLEE WEEKLY UPDATE!!!Episode 7: Throwdown

So this weeks show was amazing like aways. The team was broken up by Sue, creating team Sue aka the minorities kids and team Will aka the white kids. There were a lot of musical numbers compared to last week's. Sue's kids did Hate on Me by Jill Scott, where Mercedes rocked it. And how funny was Kurt's dance moves? And how cute was Will's kids aka Rachel's and Finn's performance of No Air by Jordin Sparks. Last but not least how heartbreaking was it to watch the group's pefromance of Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne. This cast is amazing. As to the flight between Sue and Will... it was about time that Will fought back. I loved every line out of Sue's mouth this week, as well as all of her many track suites. Also I loved that they brought back Sue's corner, amazing.

1) The cast of GLEE were asked to perform by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day's Parade people but NBC shut down the idea. Reportedly it was over that fact that they did not want to promote a show on another network. REALLY NBC??? What a bad move. I love love love that parade and I am so sad that my favorite show will not be a part of it because of network games.
2) WAY TO GO LEA! You got Cory to attend his very first Broadway play. The two went to see Rock of Ages this week. So Cory are you hooked?
3) There are talks that there might be a GLEE tour in the Spring. The plan is to kick off the tour after the season finale. I really hope this happens because I would love to see these talented cast members sing together live.

GLEE Video's
Video one is Cory’s quiz on how well he knows his cast mate’s. (by the way the interviewer has my shirt)

Video 2 is of a interview of Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison.

"Keep Holding On"-song performed on GLEE

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