Monday, October 5, 2009

Rumblin' and a Rollin'

Standby Line was by far the best standby line I have ever done!!! To start with we got there at 4:15pm for a 6:30 pm show and where number 30-37 in line! That is the closest to the front I have ever been but we were soo scared that since the Taper is so small that we would not get in unless we got there early. The hours went by so fast too because there was seven of us taking about theatre, life, and singing random beyonce songs. Also spent time star gazing. I swear to the group that in line behind me at the cafe was Michael Sheen, to which started much debate over whether it was him or not.
Anyways then the time came for all of us to see if we got into see the show or not and luckily we all made it!!! We all ran around in the wrong direction looking for our seats Sec A Row B seat 10!!! As the lady points out where I am to sit, I see who Audry and I were going to sit next too.... Sean Hayes and Michael Sheen. I got up the courage to speak to Michael Sheen who did informed me that it was really him. He was so nice and chatted about standby line and how we got in. He told me that I was sitting in his girlfriend's seat, she could not make it so I was the lucky one who got it instead. He asked if we went to the theatre a lot. I told him about how I blog about theatre in LA and then he asked me for LA Theatre advice. (I pointed him to see other CTG productions). He also shared with me that he was good friends with the director Rob Ashford and that was why he was there. He said he had done a production the the Ahmanson's back in 1999 but had never been to the Taper. While taking to Sheen I spotted Jason Alexander across the way saying hit to someone (little did I know until the end of the show that he was saying hi to the legendary KIRK DOUGHLAS AHHHHH ).

The show started and then came intermission where I then saw Halle Berry! (I had a better sit then her lol.) After I met up the rest of our group Tanya and I returned to the theatre to meet Sean Hayes who was so nice and shook both of our hands! Then Michael Sheen came back and chatted about the show. Show went on then at the end of the show Michael told Audrey and I that it was so nice to meet us and then he asked what was the title of my blog so that he could check it out! So Michael Sheen in the rare chance that you read this you are an amazing actor and such a gentlemen!!!
After the show we headed outside, where we found Jason Alexander, to whom Jerame from our group proceeded to ask him for a hug. We also saw T.R. Knight's former co-star from Grey's Justin Chamber. Also Katelyn and Bruce meet up with Jason Robert Brown to which Katelyn almost died. We where heading to the car when I saw coming out of the stage door. CHRISTIAN HOFF. Once I saw the Tony Award winner, I instantly went up to him and introduced myself and told him how I am a HUGE Jersey Boys fan and that I was so happy to finally see him in a production. He was very very nice and introduced me to his wife (also soo sweet). Afterwards we went to classy Norms and laughed at how crazy our night was and how great the show was. DO STANDBY LINE its sooo worth it!
A BIG THANK YOU TO THE CENTER THEATRE GROUP who puts together opportunities like this for the public to see amazing theatre for free. I am sooo grateful for the tickets, you do not even know! I will let you know when the next one is, so stay posted. GO SEE PARADE!!!!!
"Rumblin' and a Rollin' "-song from Parade


  1. Thanks for blogging about this Krystal! It was one adventure filled night! The standby line was definitely worth it.

  2. so how was the actual show? hahahaha.