Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rise Up

LEAP OF FAITH (Liked and Loved)
Last night I attended a preview performance of Leap of Faith at the Center Theatre Group's Ahmanson Theatre. I am a fan of Rob Ashford, Alan Menken, and Raul Esparaza so I went in with all the Faith in the world. BUT it did not deliver the way I had hopped.

Let me start by saying Raul Esparza is 100% amazing: that man can sing and make me weak in the knees. He truly is a Grade A Broadway peformer that should not be missed. His charm, wit and passion comes out in every move he makes. He is complelling to watch and you get lost in his world.
But the story itself is horrible! Leap of Faith is basically the Music Man but with religion. There was one serious part that I swear made me want to laugh out loud soo hard, that is always a bad sign. Rob Ashford is the director of Leap of Faith, and I have seen a couple of his productions over the years. My main problem with Ashfords work is that he always puts in these dance numbers that make no sense and are so repetitive which what i had a problem with at the last show. The last production I saw of his was Promises Promises on Broadway and I swear I wanted to yell cut it out with the dance numbers.
At the end of the day did I enjoy myself yes, did I love Raul yes, and would I see it again yes but only for Raul :) Only see it if you are a Raul Esparza fan. I want you to make your own decision but I don't want you to tell me I didn't warn you. So let me know:) We will have to wait and see if it makes it to Broadway or not.
"Rise Up"-song from Leap of Faith

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