Monday, September 7, 2009

FEED ME (part 2)

So, a little over a week ago I started the FEED ME CAMPAIGN to help grow the blog. It is a three part campaign. I will give out one simple task to you, the readers each week to help me with.

Here is task TWO!
Please tell at least one (1) person about my blog. You can send a e-mail, share an entry, call a friend, tell your co-workers, post a link to your facebook, tweet about it, anything. This task has been inspired by the Broadway show "Title of Show" and the song "Nine People's Favorite Thing". If you have nevered heard the song here are some of the lyrics.

"I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing
Than a hundred peoples ninth favorite thing
Nine people’s favorite thing
Than a hundred people’s ninth favorite thing
Those nine people will tell nine people
Then we’ll have eighteen people loving the show
Then eighteen people could grow into
Five-hundred and twenty-five-thousand, six-hundred people
Loving our show"
"Feed Me"-song from Little Shop of Horrors

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