Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking Chances

GLEE MEMBER OF THE WEEK CHRIS COLFER: I must say that Kurt is my new favorite character from GLEE! Kurt is a young GLEE member trying to fit in, wth a great sense for fashion, and dealing with coming out to the world. Chris is one of the youngest cast members of GLEE at only 19 years old he is well on his way to being a STAR! CLICK HERE FOR HIS TWITTER!
Here are 5 random things you need to know about Chris Colfer (thanks to the ) :
1) Chris holds many Speech and Debate Champion titles. During High School, he was involved with Speech & Debate, Drama, the FFA, was President of the Writer’s Club, Editor of the School Literary Magazine, and Captain of Destination Imagination.
2)He doesn’t like blue cheese.
3)He’s in love with Kristin Chenoweth.
4)Chris can’t tan. He only freckles and burns.
5)Wrote & Directed “Shirley Todd,” a musical spoof of “Sweeney Todd” during his senior year of High School, & starred as “Mr. Lovett”.

This weeks episode was soooo good; Much Much better then last week's. All the "Single Ladies" amazing! Did your heart break when Quinn told Finn that she was pregnant? And then to know he is not the father! OMG soo good. Will shined again as such a great teacher and father figure to Finn in his time of need. And Kurt's relationship with his father was great to watch develop as the episode went on. I hope we see more of that father son dynamic in the rest of the season. I love how the storyline gave us more insight into these characters and was a heavy/serious yet did not lose the overall tone of the show. SOOO GOOD! I can not wait until next week! Apparently this weeks episode is one of the casts and crew's favorites and we can all see why.

IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD YET........................... GLEE HAS BEEN PICKED UP FOR A FULL SEASON!!! This is huge for a show who at the time only had three episodes out when the announcement was made. Lets keep this show going!
"Taking Chances"-song performed on GLEE

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