Saturday, March 28, 2009

We're Knights of the Round Table

OMG I just heard about this totally SWEET event taking place on April Fools (no Joke). All you have to do is get your ass down to the Ahmanson theatre on Wednesday April 1, 2009 at 11:30am to 2:30pm. They will be celebrating SPAMALOT at the Ahmanson Theatre first day of tickets being on sale with a April Fool's Day Faire. You can by tickets that day for only $45 dollars at the box office! If you buy tickets at full price that day then you get a Free Gift while supplies last.

The Faire will also host games such as throw the killer rabbits, toss some cows, spin the wheel, and hunt for Spam cans. Last but not least STAR 98.7 will be hosting a The King of Fools Costume Contest! Contestants for the costume contest must be check in and register by 12:15pm, and the winner will win $350 dollars! Click here for more info.
"We're Knights of the Round Table" lyrics from Knights of the Round Table from Spamalot (photo is AD from CTG)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blow out the candles, Robert, and make a wish.

So It was my birthday yesterday and I just had to share two of my birthday cards with you.
The first on was done my nephew Noah and he did a RENT inspired card. He got all the main characters in starting on your left with Joanne, Collins, Angel, Mark, Maureen, Mimi, Roger, and Benny on the far right:

The second is from my niece Asia (with help from my nephews Freddie and Michael) and they did my favorite musicals (left out the boys in my Jersey Boys):
"Blow out the candles, Robert, and make a wish."-lyrics from song Being Alive from Company (my favoirte song from that musical)

Someone to Watch Over Me

Last Saturday I attended a fundraiser benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles at the Wilshire Theatre. The name of the Benefit is Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event(S.T.A.G.E.). This year's theme was The Brothers Gershwin: George & Ira. It was also the 25th anniversary for S.T.A.G.E. They also held a Silent and Live Auction with some great stuff (including the autographed WestSide Story Broadway revival cast poster which I tried to bid on but lost).

The show full of great numbers all Gershwin music, all from artist who devoted their time and talent for free. The cast included Shoshana Bean, Ian Abercrombie, Loretta Devine, Carol Cook, Lucas Grabeel, Sam Harris, Kimberly Locke, Jai Rodriquez, Bruce Vilance, John Lloyd Young and, the cast of Forever Plaid. By far the stand out performers where the cast of Forever Plaid and Lorette Devine who tore down the house with Someone to Watch Over Me. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF ABC NEWS COVERING THE STORY
"Someone to Watch Over Me" is a song by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin from the musical Oh, Kay!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Everyone loves theatre even theses guys. Watch the following videos of Les Miserables "The Confrontation" and then vote for your favorite on the poll.

Clip 1: Jason Segel and Paul Rudd.

Clip 2: Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris.

Clip 3: Is Paul Rudd and David Wain:

"Confrontation"- song from Les Miserables

*** POLL HAS ENDED #2 won!

Singing In The Rain

For DVD the Month for the month of March, I picked my favorite movie musical "Singing In The Rain" .

The 1952 movie stars Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, and Jean Hagen. The film is about a couple of silent movie stars, Don Lockwood (Kelly) and Lina Lamont (Hagen), faced with the challenge of adapting to the new film medium "talkies"/ movies with sound. Lamont thinks that there on screen love affair is real, but Lockwood does not return the feeling. Lockwood accidentally meets an aspiring actress Kathy Selden (Reynolds) and falls for her.

If you have not seen this classic you don't know what your missing! The dance numbers are beautiful and the music will be stuck in your head for days.

"Singing In The Rain"-song from Singing In The Rain

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Fell Pretty

Vanity Fair just came out with a beautiful photo shoot in honor of Westside Story opening on Broadway (tonight). Photographer Mark Seliger re-created several scenes from the classic 1966 film with the help, Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Belle, Ben Barnes, Rodrigo Santoro, Chris Evans, Ashley Tisdale, Robert Pattinson, Jay Hernandez, Cam Gigandet, and many more. Check it out on-line or on a newsstands near you.
"I Fell Pretty"-song from Westside Story

And that's the revolutionary costume for today.

This April HBO will release it's version of the story of Grey Gardens. Grey Garden's tells the story of Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, who were the aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. In the early 1970's the two women were exposed for their bad living conditions and the two were subjected to numerous heath department inspections.

A documentary titled Grey Gardens was filmed in 1975 and looked at all aspects of their lives at Grey Gardens where they lived in isolation. The documentary was then adapted into a 2006 Broadway Musical by the same name. The musical stared Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson, who both won Tony's for there performances. Now the story of Grey Gardens has taken a new form with this new HBO film. It stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. The film will premier April, 18 at 8pm.

"And that's the revolutionary costume for today."- lyrics from The Revolutionary Costume for Today- Grey Gardens

Monday, March 16, 2009

Luck be a lady tonight

I can not wait for it to be Hollywood bowl time! There are some great shows taking place at the bowl this summer. Here are two shows you can not miss!

Guys and Doll's in Concert: Directed by Richard Jay-Alexandra, who did Les Miserables last summer at the bowl, returns to bring this classic to life. The cast is not finalized yet but the line up so far sounds amazing! Jessica Biel as Sara Brown, Scott Bakula as Nathan Detroit, John Mahoney as Arvide Abernathy, Brian Stokes Mitchell as Sky Masterson, and Ken Page as Nicely-Nicely Johnson. It runs July 31st to August 2nd.
An Evening with Liza Minnelli: August 28th and 29th. Stage Icon Liza Minnelli will perform two shows this summer at the bowl. She is a Oscar, Tony, Golden Globe, Grammy, and Emmy winner so you know this will be a stand out show!

"Luck be a lady tonight "- Guys and Dolls

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've just met a girl named Maria

Will Ferrell does Westside Story on the Late Show. This is too funny that I just had to share.

"I've just met a girl named Maria"-lyrics from Maria- Westside Story.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Money makes the world go round (part 2)

Step two: So you want to go see theatre for free or on a budget? No problem, here are two ways more ways to do so. These suggestions involve a little be more time and luck, then my first list.

The Lottery: The Lottery first started with RENT. The creators of RENT knew that their young audience could not afford to make it out to the theatre and pay its normal high prices. So, from the start they offered $20 tickets for the first two rows, which could be won day of the show in a lottery. So here is how it works: you show up a couple of hours prior to the show, bring $20-$25 dollars in cash and if you are picked in the lottery you can buy either one or two tickets for that nights show. Many theatres have adopted this discount so check if they show you want to see if they offer the Lottery. Always check the theatre's policy, prior to showing up since each theatre handles it's lottery differently and charge different cost for their lottery tickets.

Center Theatre Group's Opening Night FREE Standby Line: The Center Theatre Group hosts a standby line for all of their opening night performances for the public to get in for free. They give out these tickets for free because they want to pack the house for opening night. The tickets are based on cancellations and no-show, so the number of tickets they give out is not a set number. Here is what you do: 1st join the Center Theatre Group's facebook page; they will send out reminders to you when their opening nights are and if there is a standby line offered, 2nd show up that day two to three hours prior to the start of the show to get in line, at 7pm a theatre employee will come out and pass out numbers for a raffle and ask that you not leave the line until they give out all the tickets. Thirdly: at ten till they will start to pass out tickets to the show. When they pass out tickets randomly this means that the 1st person in line will not always get the best seat they have, also if you go with a group you most likely will not sit next to each other so be prepared to seat by yourself. I have done this twice now (#83 & #37 in line) and both times I gotten great seats for Free!

"Money makes the world go round"- Lyrics from song titled Money, Money, Money from Cabaret

Get cool, boy!

In honor of the revival of Westside Story on Broadway opening on Thursday March 19th, I would like to highlight Flight of the Conchords's version of Cool from WestSide Story. If you don't know who the Flight of the Conchords's are then you must bee living under a rock or something. They are a Grammy Award winning comedy group from New Zealand, known for their musical numbers. They are currently rapping up there 2nd season on HBO. So watch below for their own version of Cool. For full version of the episode go to the HBO website.

"Get cool, boy! "- lyrics from song Cool- Westside Story

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Renamed French Fries Freedom Fries

Coming to your TV this Saturday night is Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush. That's right the play that has playing to packed houses on Broadway will be shown LIVE on HBO this Saturday March 14th at 9pm (pre-taped for the westcoast). The play has had a short engagement on Broadway playing under seventy performances total and will play its last performance the following night on Sunday. I can not wait to see Will Ferrell on stage as the former president. So make sure you set your TIVO for this one!
"We Renamed French Fries Freedom Fries"- lines from Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why didn't you burn the tapes?

I recently attended the opening night performance of Frost/Nixon at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. The show had a great cast headed by Stacy Kech (Richard Nixon) and Alan Cox (David Frost). The play is about a series of interviews done by Frost of Nixon in 1977, where Nixon admitted guilt for the water gate sandal. I myself went in knowing very little about the interview nor seeing the 2008 movie directed by Ron Howard based on the 2006 play. I liked the play and was so glad I went to see it. It made me want to watch the movie and see if they expanded on the story at all or if they told more about the aftermath of the interview, which the play did not touch on much. The play is here for a short time running until the 29th, so hurry if you want to catch it.
"Why didn't you burn the tapes?" lines from Frost/Nixon


It all started in 1974 when a show was formed out of a series taped conversations of professional dancers. A series of random questions and the answers to them became the musical A Chorus Line. The show ran for 1975 to 1990 and was the longest running show on Broadway when it closed. It won a nine Tony's 1976 including best musical. The show had a revival in late 2006 which ran until August 2008 (a national tour is still running until late 2009).
Sony Picture Classics has put together a wonderful documentary called Every Little Step on creation and life the musical has had. It is filled with tons of behind the scenes footage of both the original production as well as the revival production. Here is a sneak peak at the film which will hit theatres on April 17th.

"One"-song from A Chorus Line

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Money makes the world go round (part 1)

*New Feature* Do you think that going to the Theatre is too expensive?
There are so many opportunities to see theatre for cheap or even for free. I will like to share some of my secrets with you on how to attend shows while staying on budget ! Here are my "getting started" top three ways to save.
  1. Join newsletter to your favorite theatre. Most theatre's websites will have info on how to sign up. For example Center Theatre Group's e-mail newsletter is full of discounts, info on upcoming events, etc. They send e-mails out at least once a week or ever other week for all three of their theatres.

  2. Join your favorite show's newsletter/ fan club. Especially if you are going to New York to see a show join a fan club ahead of time and they sometimes have special offers just for there fan clubs/ newsletter subscribers. Example: I joined Spring Awakening's fan club/newsletter and I was able to buy on stage seats for $40 a piece to see the show on Broadway compared to the normal $75 or $110 for a ticket in the house. Also, they often have cool extra stuff to giveaway to fans like signed soundtracks, t-shirts, etc.

  3. Play contests! TV stations, Radio stations, and other media are always supporting theatre and they often have giveaways. Go to the websites of your local stations and see how to entry. Trust me, winning tickets for free is so worth filling out some entry forms.

"Money makes the world go round"- Lyrics from song titled Money, Money, Money from Cabaret

Grease is the Word

So I just watched Grease at the Pantages theatre at it's opening night here in LA. This beloved classic story of Sandy and Danny was wonderful from start to finish. It was my first time seeing Grease on stage, but I have seen the movie a thousand times.

The cast was great but overshadowed by American Idol winner Taylor Hicks who played Teen Angel (he sings one solo song). The audience looked more like an American Idol reunion then a theatre crowd. With that said this was not your ordinary theatre show. For starters there was a pre-show to the play. That right, the actor playing Vince Fontaine came out about 10 minutes til the start of the show to get the crowd going. He sang oldies, taught dance moves, etc. And if that wasn't enough they show ended with Taylor Hick performing a track off his new album?(really?)

I did do stage door were I meet Max Crumm who won the Grease: You're the One that I Want! competition. He won the role of Danny for the Broadway revival in 2007. He seemed very nice but we did not get to chat much because he was trying to get back stage. American Idol contestant and Ace Young was there. He recently played Kenickie in Broadway's production this past year. Jenna Leigh Green, know for playing Nessarose in Wicked, was also on hand to show support. Last but not least Justin Guari, American Idol runner up from season one was there. He was kind enough to take a picture with us at the Stage Door.

So that was my opening night at Grease! Tons of fun! If you want to see the show it runs until the 22nd of March at the Pantages but will also play at the Orange County Performing Arts Center from April to May.
"Grease is the World"- song title from Grease

Monday, March 9, 2009

Over the Moon

So I recently went to see RENT at the Pantages Theatre this past Friday March 6th. The show was amazing from start to finish. Featuring original cast members Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, and Gwen Stewart, as well as many others who are reviving there roles from the over 12 year run on Broadway.

Director Michael Greif gave the show a bit of facelift (so to speak) with little set, blocking, costume, and other changes from the original production. For example during the funeral scene the cast members speak in unison at times which made the scene even more intense and powerful. One thing I did miss from the original production was the opening where the whole cast runs on the stage right after Roger enters and plugs in his guitar. Instead only Mark comes on stage for the first couple of lines before the whole cast comes out.

Seeing Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in RENT was a dream of mine every since I first heard the soundtrack, and then watched the movie. I never thought that I would be able to see this dream come to life. I went to see RENT in NYC before it closed for the first time on stage and I have to admit that the whole time I was wishing that they were there playing Mark and Roger. When they came on stage the Pantages got so loud that it sounded more like a rock concert then a musical. And if seeing them on stage as the characters they helped to create with Jonathan Larson wasn't enough then I got to see them face to face at the stage door.

I could go on and on but my guest blogger will have more to report on this once in a life time experience. Until then here are a few photo's from Friday night.
"Over the moon"-song title-RENT

Don't walk away

ABC's Ugly Betty has always been a friend to the theatre world. They have featured such shows are "Westside Story", "In the Heights", and "Hairspray". They have also featured a number of famous theatre stars on the show over their three seasons. Here are a few of the stars this season:

Like I noted in a previous entry Bernadette Peters (Sunday In the Park With George) has appeared as Betty's YETI (Young Editors Training Initiative) teacher for a couple of episodes. In this past week's episode featured Cheyenne Jackson (Xanadu) as a hot young father. (Cheyenne will also be gust staring on the new Fox TV show GLEE) Coming up this week is Christine Baransk (The Real Thing) will play Betty's classmate Matt's mother. (She also recently appeared on The Big Bang Theory as Leonard’s mom)

"Don't walk away" song title from Xanadu

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you

So, I just got back from watching Watchmen in IMAX! It was a lot better then I thought it would be. I recommend it and would see it again (watch it in IMAX it's worth it). I must admit that the main reason I went to see the movie was to see Broadway hotties Patrick Wilson and Billy Crudup.

Many people might not know Patrick Wilson's body of work also includes a big career on Broadway, but I think that will all change after the success of Watchmen. Patrick has been a Broadway hottie for a long time, staring in The Full Monty, Oklahoma!, All My Son's, and Barefoot In The Park. He also played Raqul in the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera. So not only does he act, look hot, but he has a voice that will melt your heart.

Billy Crudup is known for his roles on film but he too has also has stared on Broadway. He known for his performances in The Elephant Man and The Pillowman, but he is also an Tony Award winner for his performance in The Coast of Utopia.

So who says HOT Macho Men are not in theatre!

"I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you"- lyrics from All I Ask Of You from The Phantom of the Opera

Friday, March 6, 2009

Please Take Me Out Tonight!

In honor of my friends and I attending tonight's performance of RENT at the Pantages Theatre!!! Here is a video from opening night with the cast!!!
Special Recap of Tonight's Performance by Guest Blogger coming soon!!!
"Please Take Me Out Tonight"-from Out Tonight- RENT

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who Loves You

So I know what my friends must be wondering... how long before Krystal writes an entry about Jersey Boys.

First of all if you have not seen the show yet, then run to the nearest city by you and see it!!! ( West costers its playing in Vegas) Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (Nick Massi, Tommy DeVito, and Bob Gaudio) rise and fall from fame. Not only does it have all the hits from the Four Season catalogue but it is a story that has heart. I have seen the show three time now and would see it again and again. It is about love, the music industry, loss, the mafia, and a life long friendship based on a handshake.
Below is a clip from when the show was featured on CBS's Sunday Morning.

There is nothing like the original cast members on the soundtrack. John Lloyd Young's voice sounds just like Frankie's and will leave you breathless after hearing his version of Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You. Christian Hoff portrayal of Tommy was wonderful. Both actors won Tony's for there roles as well as the Musical winning Best Musical of 2006. I have had the honor of meeting/seeing two of the original cast members and meeting the original national tour cast members.
Below is a picture of John Lloyd Young and I (August 08)Below is a picture I took of "Shotgun Tom Kelly" meeting the boys (June 07).
Below is a video I shot when I was in NYC this past May & happen to come across the cast of Jersey Boys (including original cast member J. Robert Spencer) on the street filming a video for the Tony awards 08.

Fun Facts:Did you know that the musical has its own study guide? Click here to download it! Also there is a Jersey Boys baby CD out for sale. Click here to check it out. If you are as big a fan as I am of the show then you have to buy the book! Check it out here. Well that is all for now but trust me this is not my last blog about my boys. "Who Loves You"- song from Jersey Boys

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Can Hear The Bells

GLEE is almost here! Yes, fellow theatre geeks they are giving us a show we can call our own! Glee is a new Fox TV show from the creator of Nip/Tuck, Ryan Murphy. It will be an hour long show about a Spanish high teacher named Will (played by Matt Morrison, The Light in the Piazza) who has become in charge of the glee club. Also staring in the show is Spring Awakening's Lea Michele. Reports say that there will be at least 4 musical numbers each episode.

The best part about this show is the lineup of guest stars the show will have. John Lloyd Young(Jersey Boy) will guest star in episode 3 as a wood shop teacher with a voice! Victor Gaber (Assassins) will play Will's father, while Debra Monk (Curtains) will play Will's mother. Rumors have it that Kristen Chenoweth (Wicked) will also be guest appearing but no word on who she will play.

Glee will premiere in May after American Idol and will then be back in the fall for the new season! Check out their website on Fox.
Here is a sneak peak of the new show
"I Can Hear The Bells"- song from HairSpray

Tonight Will Be A Memory Too

Kirk Douglas will be star in Before I Forget at the Kirk Douglas this March. Douglas will tell his life story and career in this imitate setting. There will be four performances; March 6 & 13 at 8pm and March 8 & 15 at 2pm. All performances are sold out but they will have a stand by line starting one hour before show time in case people cancel.

Before I Forget is part of DouglasPlus. DouglasPlus is diverse mix of different shows playing at the theatre for limited engagements. All tickets are under $25! (can not beat that). DouglasPlus will run from March to mid April.

Others shows on the bill include:

I am going to try to make it to a few of these shows and post reviews on them! "Tonight will be a memory too"- from song entitled Memory from CATS

Monday, March 2, 2009

Smile for Ted Koppel, Officer Martin!

So, I am just days away from seeing RENT on tour at the Pantages Theatre!!! This will be my second time seeing RENT on stage. I first saw RENT on stage at the Neaderlander Theatre in NYC at the end of May 2008. The closing cast was amazing and seeing RENT in NYC is one of my most treasured memories of my life so far. I can not wait to see it with Adam and Anthony!!!
Here are some pictures (Taken by my friend Tanya & myself) Above bad picture of the stage (shh don't tell anyone I took one)
Above picture of Tanya getting her Playbill signed by Eden. The Marquee (above and below)
Below Tanya and I outside the Wall.
Just came to say goodbye love..."Smile for Ted Koppel, Officer Martin!" lyrics from song On The Street-RENT

Left Behind

As promised Totally Trucked YouTube channel has been update!!!
A lot of videos have been posted (old, new, funny, etc.).
Here is my favorite so far.
"Left Behind" from Spring Awakening