Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello, Hello, Ding Dong

Hello! It’s been so long that I feel like I have to introduce myself all over again to you all. My name is Krystal and I am a west coast girl who belongs in New York City. Well be exact working on the great white way Broadway. I love everything about the performing arts, music, and the stage! I started this blog shortly after college on a dare of sorts from my dear friend Allyson (which you can read all about on my very 1st post). It has been a lot of fun sharing my view, reviews, insider gossip, and experiences as a theatre blogger. I recently took some time off from blogging because I had a bit of writers block. Even though I stopped writing I did not give up on my love of theatre. I saw a few productions here and there but now that 2012 is here I am ready to get back into the theatre world and share my experiences with you all again. Thank you so much for the past 3 years and promise you even more years of blogging to come!

"Hello, Hello, Ding dong"-lyrics from Hello a song from The Book of Mormon