Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Dreamed A Dream

Ok, so I really wanted to go to GLEE LIVE but tickets were out of my budget, then it was sold out, then I got too busy (which is why I haven't posted much). BUT then TODAY I got word of FREE tickets to see the show tonight! I knew someone who knew someone who had tickets and magically I GOT TO GO!!!

Let me just say the show was AMAZING!!!! I had awesome seats right next to the VIP entrance, so I saw everyone come in and out! I saw Ryan Murphy TWICE! He is such a genius. Also I saw other members of the creative team behind GLEE as they took their seats. The cast really worked their butt's off and gave an truly GREAT show. I LOVE IT. I must go to sleep now but tomorrow I will give you my full report including LOTS of video's!!!
"I Dreamed A Dream"-song performed on GLEE

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