Tuesday, June 8, 2010


GLEE UPDATE:OK HOW AMAZING WAS TONIGHT'S SEASON FINALE? I cried my eyes out. With in the 1st 5 minutes alone I lost it. As soon as the kids and Will found out about Sue being a judge they were so depressed. Will's moment when he lost it in his car as soon as Don't Stop Believing came on, was sooo touching. I loved the Journey medley it really brought the season full circle. The Finn Rachel I love you before they performed was tooo cute!!! The Bohemian Rhapsody performance was AMAZING! Jonathan Groff rocked it! And how cute was it that when Quinn went into labor she had Puck and Mercedes by her side. It was sad to see the GLEE kids lose but I really think it was the best way to end the show and be realistic at the same time. The best number of the whole episode was To Sir With Love, which the GLEE kids did to thank Will for all that he did for them that year!


Word on the street is that on GLEE next season John Stamos will join the cast as Emma's Boyfriend. I can not wait to see this!!!

To:My little GLEE weekly watching family thank you for a wonderful season of laughs and tears.

"Faithfully"-song performed on GLEE

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