Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In honor of the death of Bohemia

The Los Angeles Theatre community suffered some great losses over the past several months. Theatre critics, writers and editor positions have been eliminated from the print medium. Luckily the theatre community has been speaking out on this blow to the culture of Los Angeles!

There was a great letter in the Los Angeles Time written in the Culture Monster (Jan. 16. 2009) which talks about how three theater artistic directors are defending the need for critics. Gilbert Cates (Geffen Playhouse), Sheldon Epps (Pasadena Playhouse), and Michael Ritchie (Center Theatre Group), all have step forth to tell how much the jobs loss will effect the community and how important it is for theatre to have a voice as part of the L.A. culture. They fear that not only are the voices of the arts are gone but it could lead to many theaters closing (cycle effect). They do point out that the theatre community can and will pull through this (after all theatre is one of oldest professions dating back to the Greeks). Click Here to read the whole article.

Also Broadwayworld.com came out with a great article about this same issue taking place in Los Angeles, written by James Sims. James was a theatre critic out in L.A. but now works in New York for Broadwayworld.com as the West Coast Senior Editor-Video Reporter. Sims was sadden to hear of the jobs cut and the great loss it is for the community. But he also points out that art is meant us to make is talk about issues, move us, celebrate life, and have fun. So it that, what we should continue to do within the theatre community and celebrate these great critics for all they have done for us. Click Here to read the whole article.

"In honor of the death of Bohemia "-lyrics from song La Vie Boheme from RENT

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