Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not a very exact science, is it?

What to party this weekend?
Then do I have an event for you! It takes place this Saturday at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City hosted by the CTG. It is "A cross-disciplinary performance party revolving around the evaluation and treatment of mental imbalance, from lobotomies to Lexapro." The event will feature a number of short-form performance, live music and visual art created by a ward-full of LA’s most (ahem) committed artists and fueled by a mobile art pharmacy. Recent work by creator and multi-disciplinary artist Lars Jan was deemed “unbelievably bizarre and thoroughly entertaining” by Philadelphia Magazine. The really cool thing about the event is that the event will utilize ever area of the Douglas BUT the actual stage! The festivities kick off at 9pm and will continue until 1am so they recomend for you to come when you can "Come early… stay late… go have dinner…come back… whatever you choose." Tickets only $20 (which includes a free drink)! You can buy tickets at:
"Not a very exact science, is it?"-lyrics from Who's Crazy / My Psychopharmacologist and I from Next to Normal

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