Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Young Girl

Episode 10 (can you believe it?):Ballad (AKA Mr. Shu is HOT!)
What a show tonight! Every time I watch this show I think that that week's episode is the best and tonight I had the same feeling. So much happened, 1st Rachel develops a crush on Will aka Mr. Shu, we learn about another student who had a crush on Mr. Shu (peppers), then Kurt gets paired with Finn for ballads partners and tries to make him forget about girls and become gay, Finn's mom finds out about the baby which heads to Quinn's family learning about the baby through song (long story) gets kicked out of her house, and Mercedes learns that Finn is not the father but Puck is! WHAT!
So much jam packed in one episode with 7 songs!!!
Song Name: Lean on Me Original Performer: Bill Withers Performed on Glee by: New Directions Buy on iTunes

Song Name: Endless Love Original Performer: Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross Performed on Glee by: Will & Rachel

Song Name: I'll Stand By You Original Performer: The Pretenders Performed on Glee by: Finn

Song Name: Young Girl Original Performer: Gary Puckett...Union Gap Performed on Glee by: Will

Song Name: Don't Stand So Close to Me Original Performer: The Police Performed on Glee by: Will

Song Name: Crush Original Performer: Jennifer Paige Performed on Glee by: Rachel

Song Name: [You're] Having My Baby Original Performer: Paul Anka Performed on Glee by: Finn
Overall what a great episode!!! I attended a GLEE Chipotle Burritos night viewing hosted by the Gannon's. They made homemade Chipotle inspired burritos which were sooo good and then we watched GLEE as a group. Amazing! Thanks guys for great company and lots of laughs. Next week we will also be hosting a GLEE night with drinks. I will share all the details on how you can do the same at your house. That's right coming this Sunday I will give you a full entry on ideas to throw you own GLEE party!!! So check back for that entry!

I can not stand Tyra but GLEE was on so I had to watch the clip!

Great interview from USA TODAY of Chris Colfer.
"Young Girl "-song performed on GLEE

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  1. I can't wait for next week's episode! I honestly think that Quinn should just tell Finn that Puck is the father. That would take a lot of the burden of Finn and ease a lot of the tension between all three characters that seems to be mounting.

    Can't wait to see your party ideas entry. I just might have to throw a Glee themed party for New Years Eve!