Monday, November 23, 2009

Not too runny

Last Night thanks to my friend Allyson I attened the West Coast Premiere of Noah Haidle play SATURN RETURNS at the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Orange County. The play was directed by David Emmes and ran October 23 - November 22, 2009 (So I attened it's closing night performance). The show looks at a man's life at three periods in time; when he is 88, 58, and 28. At 88-year-old he is crabby and physically healthy but emointionally broken. He lives in a home that echoes the ghost of the women he loved. Overall I was not impressed by the production. It was funny at times and even heart warming. But I could not stand the lead actress Kristen Bush, who played all three women in the play. Maybe it was comination of not liking her acting nor the characters she was playing. Click here to see photos from the play.

This was the second play that I have seen at the SCR and it was the 2nd once that I did not like. The last play I saw there was the 2005 production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht. What I did release while looking at the poster in the lobby of past productions was that Daniel Breaker was in the producation of The Caucasian Chalk Circle that I saw. If you do not know who Daniel Breaker is, he is currently staring on Broadway as Donky in Shrek the Musical and was in the Tony Award winning production of Passing Strange. The Caucasian Chalk Circle was so bad that I blocked it out of my mind and did not even remeber who was in the cast.

Maybe the third time is the charm with SCR. I will need to see one more production there to find out.
"Not too runny"-line from Saturn Returns

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