Thursday, November 26, 2009


GLEE WEEKLY UPDATE!So I am a little late sorry (holiday craziness)
Episode 11: Hairography
I give this episode a 8 out of 10. There were some great comic moments such as Kurt and Quinn talking about Rachel's makeover, the boys in wigs, Rachel dressed up as Sandy from Grease, and the whole Bootylicious performance. The episode was also filled a lot of touching moments such as Kurt and Rachel releasing they will never be second place for Finn, Quinn realizing she can not keep her baby, Will giving up his dream car for his kid, the Imagine performed by the Deaf Choir & New Directions, and True Colors performance.

NEW GLEE GAME: (6 people plus)
What you need: pen, a timer, index cards, a hat
Set up: write down all the glee songs down on a idex card, fold them in half and put them in the hat
How you play:
1) you spilt the players into two teams
2) you sit down in a circle, one your left and your left should be players from the other team (team 1, team 2, team 1, team 2 etc)
3) round one: each player has 30 seconds to pick a song out of the hat sing or humm the song, if they pass then their team loses a point, if their team can guess what GLEE song it is they get a point, if they do not guess it in time then no points are gained or lossed but the song is returned into the hat. Once you turn is over you pass the hat to the other team. You play untill all the songs are done. Tally points and see who is in the lead.
4) Round 2: in this round each player must act out the song within 30 seconds. Same point system from last round.
5) Round 3: In this round each player has 20 seconds to say only one word in order for their team to guess which song it is. Same point system from last round.

I love that Jane Lynch is now doing Ad's from XBOX 360. see below

"Imagine"-performed on GLEE

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