Sunday, November 22, 2009

Endless Love

Your ultimate guide to hosting your own GLEE party.

Who am I?:Buy index cards and put all of the GLEE character names on the cards. Then you set people up in partners and have one person place the card on their head without looking at the card. The other person must give clues as to who they are without saying their name.
If you want to make it more challenging then you can play name that GLEE song. See list of songs below.

Karaoke: Love to sing then have a GLEE karaoke night where you sing you own renditions of GLEE songs. Here are some song suggestions:
Song Name: Don't Stop Believin': Original Performer: Journey
Song Name: Rehab: Original Performer: Amy Winehouse
Song Name: On My Own: Original Performer: Les Miserables Cast
Song Name: Respect: Original Performer: Aretha Franklin
Song Name: Mr. Cellophane: Original Performer: Cast of "Chicago"
Song Name: I Kissed a Girl: Original Performer: Katy Perry
Song Name: Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat: Original Performer: Cast of "Guys and Dolls"
Song Name: Can't Fight This Feeling: Original Performer: REO Speedwagon
Song Name: Gold Digger: Original Performer: Kanye West
Song Name: Take a Bow :Original Performer: Rhianna
Song Name: Push It: Original Performer: Salt-N-Pepa
Song Name: Le Freak: Original Performer: Chic
Song Name: I Say a Little Prayer: Original Performer: Dianne Warwick
Song Name: Bust Your Windows: Original Performer: Jazmine Sullivan
Song Name: Mercy: Original Performer: Duffy
Song Name: This is How We Do It : Original Performer: Montell Jordan
Song Name: Poison: Original Performer: Bel Biv Devoe
Song Name: La Camisa Negra: Original Performer: Juanes
Song Name: I Wanna Sex You Up: Original Performer: Color Me Badd
Song Name: Single Ladies: Original Performer: Beyonce
Song Name: Taking Chances: Original Performer: Celine Dion
Song Name: Tonight: Original Performer: "West Side Story"
Song Name: Somebody to Love: Original Performer: Queen
Song Name: Maybe This Time: Original Performer: "Cabaret"
Song Name: Alone Original Performer: Heart
Song Name: Last Name Performer: Carrie Underwood
Song Name: It's My Life/Confessions Pt. 2: Original Performer: Bon Jovi/Usher
Song Name: Halo/Walking on Sunshine: Original Performer: Beyonce/Katrina & the Waves
Song Name: Hate on Me: Original Performer: Jill Scott
Song Name: No Air: Original Performer: Jordin Sparks
Song Name: You Keep Me Hangin' On: Original Performer: The Supremes
Song Name: Keep Holding On: Original Performer: Avril Lavigne
Song Name: Bust a Move: Original Performer: Young MC
Song Name: Thong Song: Original Performer: Sisqo
Song Name: Sweet Caroline: Original Performer: Neil Diamond
Song Name: I Could Have Danced All Night: Original Performer: "My Fair Lady"
Song Name: Defying Gravity: Original Performer: "Wicked"
Song Name: Dancing With Myself: Original Performer: Billy Idol
Song Name: Proud Mary: Original Performer: Ike & Tina Turner
Song Name: Lean on Me: Original Performer: Bill Withers
Song Name: Endless Love: Original Performer: Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross
Song Name: I'll Stand By You: Original Performer: The Pretenders
Song Name: Young Girl Original Performer: Gary Puckett...Union Gap
Song Name: Don't Stand So Close to Me: Original Performer: The Police
Song Name: Crush: Original Performer: Jennifer Paige
Song Name: [You're] Having My Baby: Original Performer: Paul Anka

GLEE drinking game: If you are of age here is a list of suggestion of when to take a shot, while watching the show. If you are not a big drinker you can take sip of a drink.
1) Sue wears new track suits
2) Rachel storms out
3) If a Broadway song is performed
4) Cast wears matching outfits
5) Finn gets caught looking at Rachel
6) Kurt gets caught looking at Finn
7) Someone calls Will, Mr.Shu
8) Lady chronic is in the show
9) Someone gets thrown in the dumpster
10) Kurt fixes his hair
11) Mercedes rocks the house
12) If they reference FOX (or anything by FOX co.)

*two shots if you cry
*two shots if Finn finds out Puck is the father

Food suggestions:
-Cupcakes (but not the kind Puck made lol)
-Slurpee (watch out you might get one in your face)
-Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches (that’s what Emma would make Will)
-Peppers (In honor of Suzy Peppers)
-Grasshopper pie (Terri craves it)
-Protein Drinks: (Sue would approve)

Other ideas:
BEST DRESSED: have your guest dress up as their favorite character and give a prize to the best dressed. Here are some ideas of how easy it is:
Artie: Wheel Chair, polo shirt, glasses and suspenders.
Sue: Track Jacket
Tina: anything Gothic
Terri or Quinn: pregnant
Puck: Mohawk

GLEE party favors: GLEE Gum, Sourpatch kids (Finn loves them), star stickers (Rachel brings them everywhere)

Craft Time: you can put a puzzle together or make your own candles all in honor of Terri.

DANCE PARTY: you can learn all the moves to Single Ladies or freestyle to Hate On Me.

Facial: Kurt does one every night before he sleeps.

THROW Finn and Quinn a baby shower: have a cake, do baby shower games, give name suggestions.

Have more ideas? Let me know. I will add them to the list!
"Endless Love "-performed on GLEE

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  1. Excellent party ideas! I may use some of these for New Years Eve!