Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can't Touch This

This past Monday GLEE writers Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan sat down at the Paley Center for the Media Arts for their Inside the writers room. I was lucky enough to attend this event and had an amazing time! They reflected on the season 1 and gave lots of scoop on season two. Season Two starts filming at the end of this month!!! The season premier has been set for September 21! They will explore Finn and Rachel as a couple through out the season and they say they plan on not breaking them up through out the season. Also Terri will be back! They are exploring love interest for her that will drive Will crazy and she will of course try to win him back. They plan to have 4 to 5 musical number each episode, they feel 8 was TOOO many.

Ian writes most of Sue's lines and told the group that he did not realize he was such an asshole until his words can out of Jane Lynch's mouth. Brad broke down who writes what like this... If you laugh then Ian wrote it, if you cry Brad wrote it, and if you go WTF did that just happen? then Ryan wrote it. It is truly amazing that this very closet net group of guys write this AMAZING piece of art. Though they are only three now they plan to bring on two or four more writers to help out.

As far as new people on GLEE goes... they plan on waiting until the 2nd 1/2 of season 2 to introduce them in depth. They really want to explore the characters we do have and let characters from season one who did not get a chance to shine do so in season 2. That means that Brittney will SING! The search for new cast member for GLEE will be extended through September and new people will be selected and brought on later in the season.

Check this video below from Givememyremote.

"Can't Touch This"- song performed on GLEE


  1. Good write up Krystal!
    Nice work getting to go there yourself.

  2. So excited about Season 2

    though I'm still rooting for Emma and Will to get together.