Tuesday, February 1, 2011

But isn't it a drag?

I have stood behind the show American Idiot since its world premier up in Berkley in 2009 but the latest member to join the cast outrages me. Melissa Etherisge starts her run as St. Jimmy tonight February 1st making her Broadway debut. I personally can not stand her voice and I just don't see how her in the show makes sense. It seems like stunt casting merely aimed to sell tickets to an older audience. It really disappoints me that a show as good and as meaningful as American Idiot is bringing in stars to sell tickets so early on. Well people might say that Billy Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy was also a stunt casting decision as well, I i think it made perfect sense for the show and is a gift for Green Day fans everywhere. Armstrong wrote the piece, he has a deeper connect to the material then anyone else, he originally sang all the songs as the head singer of Green Day and he physically embodies St. Jimmy to a T. So I am curious to see how audience received Mrs. Etherisge. I wish her luck, even though I do not agree with this move on the part of the creative team of AI.

Photo by Paul Kolnik
"Isn't it a drag?"-lyrics from Favorite Son from American Idiot

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