Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As If We Never Said Goodbye

GLEE-CAP: So today a fellow GLEEK & co-worker walked into my office at work to make a confession... she no longer was a GLEEK (WHAT!). I was shocked and could not believe that she had lost faith in the show. She explained that she upset at the lack of story from last week's episode and was over some of the characters. I tried to tell her that tonight episode was gonna be AMAZING and win. her back but then she handed over her GLEEK merch (magnets, buttons, etc). Though I was sad to hear she no longer was a fan I was over joyed to inherit her GLEE merch. The rest of the day I could not shake what my co-worker said. I went over to the Gannons to watch GLEE like I do so often and sat down hoping she was wrong. And she was!
This episode reminded me why I love GLEE that it is a show about people like me. Born This Way might come in top 5 episodes of GLEE all time. GLEE has always been a story about the underdog from day one and tonight really came back to these core theme of the show. Born This Way was the perfect anthem for GLEE because is about letting your unique features shine and stand out instead of hiding them.
The stand out star was Chris Colfer who plays Kurt. Kurt made his big return to McKinley High and boy did he come back with the best song he has done on the series to this date! He sang As If We Never Said Goodbye from the Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Sunset Blvd. I give big props to the writers of the show (Ian, Ryan, Brad) and GLEE's musical director Adam Anders for picking a song with lyrics that perfectly illustrated the emotions of Kurt returning home. I cried my eyes out watching him own that song in his performance. Also how great was it to see the Warblers and Blaine sing Kurt off with their rendition of Somewhere Only We Know. Blaine looked as if he wanted to cry out "DON'T GO" but he held it together for Kurt's sake. I can not wait to see their relationship grow and see the romance bloom! TOO CUTE

Another highlight of the night was the Barbra Streisand flash-mob to SAVE Rachel's noise. I am not gonna lie that song might end up being my new ringtone! I think Lea Michelle is a true beauty and to see her and Dianna Agron sing I Feel Pretty/Unpretty was such a powerful message to young girls everywhere. Overall 5 stars to this episode, I could watch it over and over again!

So what's next for GLEE: The cast and crew are currently filming in NYC, check out this fan video of some scenes at famous NY landmarks!

"As If We Never Said Goodbye"-song peformed on GLEE

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