Saturday, April 30, 2011

Born This Way

WAIT... WHEN DID KURT GET HOT? So I was having breakfast today with an old friend and we got on the subject of last week's episode of GLEE entitled Born This Way. She had not been watching in a while but told me how impressed she was with the show. Then we both said at the same time "Didn't Kurt Look HOT!" We started to laugh but we were serious. Not only was he amazing in the episode, blew me away with As If We Never Said Goodbye, but he looked better than ever. That boyish and adorable Chris Colfer has really changed over night into a handsome young man. Check out the photo below that Chris himself retweeted on his twitter account; you can really see how he has bloomed over the last three years: For starters he taller now, growing 4 inches in height between season one and season two. He has said in interviews that he has lost around 40 pounds in weight since high school. And I swear that young man has him some muscles now. Don't believe me, just check out his arms during the Born This Way performance (amazing). Lastly his hair has been fantastic this season! He can really pull off the big poofy hairstyle (so chic). A+ Chris you are a gem and don't ever change! Let me even say that you are quicky becoming every girl's and boy's teenage dream.

"Born This Way"-Peformed on GLEE

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