Sunday, July 26, 2009

Push it

HEY GLEE FANS! News straight from the standing-room-only Comic-Con panel this past Saturday; I think its safe to say that GLEE is gonna be a HIT! The producers of the show premiered the entire second episode to fans with a warm reception. The episode has two musical numbers, covers of Kanye West's "Gold Digger" and (especially) Salt N Pepa's "Push It,"; And thats nothing they have done 60 songs already in fliming season 1 so far! Now the cast is getting ready for a a 12-day, 10-city tour this summer to promote the show. It has been reported that the majority of the questions asked to the pannel were amided at Lea Michele who play Rachel Berry. My favorite quote so far out of the covergae of GLEE at Comic-Con was Cory Monteith's view of the show: "It's like if 'High School Musical' had been punched in the stomach and had its lunch money stolen."
Check out the videos below from part of the panel from Comic-Con.

"Push It" by Salt N Pepa's and featured in GLEE

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