Sunday, July 26, 2009

Suddenly Seymour

DVD OF THE MONTH: Little Shop of Horrors!!!
This movie turned, Broadway musical, turn movie is only favorites musicals of all time are here is why.
1) The story: It is about a florist shop worker named Seymour who raises a plant that feeds on human blood. It sound crazy but it's amazing!
2) The Plant: Seymour finds the plant while was browsing the wholesale flower district, a sudden eclipse of the sun occurred, and when the light returned, the weird plant had appeared. He names the plant Audrey II after he is secretly in love with Audrey his co-worker at the flower shop. The plant not only loves blood but it sings too. Voiced by Levi Stubbs from the Four Tops.
3) Audrey: played by the beautiful Ellen Greene. She steals every scene she is in and I would do anything to have her singing voice.
4) Steve Martin AKA the dentist: He plays Orin who is a motorcycle driving, leather wearing dentist who enjoys bringing other people pain.
5) Seymour: You can not help but all in love with Frederick Alan "Rick" Moranis who most people know from " Honey, I Shrunk the Kids " and "Spaceballs".
6)Lastly the music: There is not one single bad song in the piece. These gems will be stuck in your heads for days.
"suddenly seymour" -song from Little Shop of Horrors

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