Thursday, August 27, 2009

All the Single Ladies

Your GLEE Weekly Update!
Tomorrow is the LA GLEEK TOUR stop! If anyone attends please let me know how it was for next week's update!
Here are two behind the scenes video's from the GLEEK Tour.

That's right the site has been redone so let me highlight some of the great new features.
EXTRA'S: You can now get GLEE Wallpaper, AIM icons, and Screensavers.
MUSIC: They now have a whole page on the music featured on the show. You can see who originally sang it, who sang it on the show, and even buy it off of itunes.
EPISODE RECAP: Here you can get a recap video of the episode, the music highlights, and a summary of the episode.
COMMUNITY: This is where you can converse with fellow GLEEKS on hot topics in forms.
VIDEO'S: Here you can watch behind the scenes stuff, episodes, and previews of upcoming musical numbers.
BIGGEST GLEEK PROMOTION: Are you the Biggest GLEEk? Prove it! Win points from activity across Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to claim the title of Biggest GLEEk. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

To hold you over till next week's GLEE Update here is A Show About Loser video aka "the push it".

"All the Single Ladies"-song featured on GLEE

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