Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dearly beloved are you listening?

I just bought my tickets for Green Day's American Idiot at the Berkeley Rep. I am dragging my brother with me. I am soo excited to see John Gallagher Jr. in person; he will play Johnny (the Jesus of Suburbia). Gallagher is the greatest theatre actor of our time! The guy is only 25 and has won a TONY, has been four hit shows (Rabbit Hole, Spring Awakening, Port Authority, and Farragut North), has played in a number of bands and now will star in world premier of Green Day's American Idiot. A friend just told me that Gallagher has his own twitter page. He has been updating regularly about the show and his adventures in San Fran. Click Here to see.
Watch the Video below to see why I love this actor's work sooo much. The 1st video is from the 2007 Local One Strike on Broadway. Gallagher and his Spring Awakening castmates were out in font of the theatre every night to sing for the audience who would have gone to see their show if the strike was not taking place. It is also my favorite performance of the song "The Bitch of Living". The 2nd video is from one of his concerts. The 3rd is a performace of Still Sixteen with his old band Old Springs Pike who later changed their name to The Spring Standards when he left the band.

John will be joined on stage by his old Spring Awakening cast members Gerard Canonico & Brian Charles Johnson who are amazing! You still have time buy tickets to see American Idiot will play at the Berkeley Rep. from September 4th to October 11th 2009!
"Dearly beloved are you listening?"-lyrics from Jesus of Suburbia song from American Idiot


  1. I am glad you got tickets! it will be so exciting! I bought mine for Sept 10 and 12 and I am going with my BF, his sister and her husband...we are going to have the best time ever and I hope you do too. I am one of the very few Canadians going! but hey..:) I love Spring Awakening and love Michael's directing and everything.xxoo Suzanne

  2. Thanks for the comment Suzanne! I will be there the following weekend.