Thursday, December 10, 2009

And I'm Telling You

Wow what a GREAT fall finale!
Episode: 13 Sectionals

1st of all I just have to say I am so happy that there is a TV show out there that gives me everything I've waiting for as far as a storyline goes but yet still leaves me sooo excited for it to return. The writers of GLEE do such a great job of giving the fans the story they want to happen (Will and Emma romance, Finn finding out who is the father) but yet twist the story to keep you wanting more (Sue getting fired, not really winning Sectionals but being the least annoying).

Lets recap: Mercedes killed it with her rendition of And I am Telling You from Dreamgirls. Finn knows he is not the father of Quinn's baby. Quinn knows she messed up and is dealing with it. Rachel told Finn that he was not the father in hopes that he would run to her (didn't work YET...). Puck and Quinn are over because Quinn wants nothing to do with him right now. Emma pushed back her wedding in order to become faculty advisor for GLEE after Will have to leave the team last week. Emma's decision ends her relationship with Ken because he could not take that she chose Will over him. Finn decides he can not go to Sectionals because he can not stop crying when he sees Quinn and wanting to Puck in the face every time he saw him. Meanwhile Sue leaked the Set list to the other teams and they do all the teams numbers. Will tells Finn that the team needs him and he goes to save the day. Finn and Rachel come up a plan for new numbers and the team kills it! The judges pick the team as winners because they were the least annoying team. Will leaves Teri finally because he does not feel the same way towards her anymore. He runs to Emma's wedding which is not taking place because Ken called it off. Emma tells Will that even though he left Teri she can not be near him because she will get hurt. Sue gets fired from the school for leaking the set list and she declares WAR against Will. Will is invited back to the GLEE club and everyone celebrates. During the team singing My Life Would Suck With Out You Will realizes he loves Emma no matter what crazyness is going on and goes to find her. The show ends with Will and Emma sharing their 1st KISS!

So I have deiced to not do weekly updates on Wednesdays/ Thursdays anymore but rather do them once a week, whenever I have the most stuff to post. So check back often!!
I will fill you in with all the rumors and sneak peaks into the rest of the season!
"And I'm Telling You"-song from DreamGirls

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