Thursday, December 3, 2009


Episode 12: Once Upon A Mattress
What a GREAT episode! What drama! Let's review: Its school photo's time. Sue got work done for her pic. Emma is set to marry Ken on the same day as Sectionals. Will thinks Ken choice that date so that he can not attend. Rachel wants to be the most involved person in school. Ever year the GLEE club photo gets defaced in the yearbook. GLEE gets their page removed because of the defacing, but Will pays for them to have one anyways. The GLEE club elects Rachel as team captain because the do not want to get their face written on. She thinks her photo for the yearbook is practice for the paparazzi. Rachel books a commercial for the GLEE club to become stars. They sing for a mattress commercial and get free mattress as a thank you. Will finds out Teri is faking her pregnancy. He confronts her and all HELL breaks lose. She tells him that she lie to save their marriage because she thought she was losing him to the GLEE club. He spends the night in his office on one of the mattresses the kids got as compensation for the commercial. Then Sue sees the commercial on TV and claims that if the kids accept the gift of the mattress then they should be disqualified from performing because it is against the rules. Will stands up and takes the fall for the kids and is no longer able to be part of the team. Quinn comes to the rescue and confronts Sue about her accepting gifts. She blackmails Sue into giving the glee club one of the Cheerios' six pages. GLEE gets a group picture and sing Smile. Amazing

ON GLEE WEBSITE: Target 12 days of GLEE (click on each song title to watch the video clip):

NOW ON iTUNES: The Glee cast sings "Last Christmas," originally recorded by Wham! Buy it! b/c it is soooooo good!

Do not forget next week is the fall finale of GLEE. The show will not be back until APRIL. Until then I will still have weekly updates, so stay tuned!

"Smile"-song performed on GLEE

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  1. I don't know about you but iam so anxious about next week's finale especially to find out what everyoe's reaction will be once they find out that Puck is the father of Quinn's baby and not Finn.