Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well -- this is quite an operation

I attended Friday night performance of Musicals Theatre West production of RENT at the Carpenter Performing Arts center in Long Beach. The show was good. I was very surprised at how close they got to the real thing. The set was good, they did all the songs, and they even had Jai Rodriguez who started as Angel on Broadway.

The main two things I would have changed was 1st the costumes and 2nd the guy who played Roger. The costumes tried to match the original production but I felt that if they could not get costumes spot on then they should have changed them all. The characters of RENT are very connected to their costumed and are iconic. Mark needs his sweater, scarf and camera. Mimi needs here blue pants, Cheetah jacket, and glitter. Angel needs her wigs, Santa jacket, and flower dress. Secondly P.J. Griffith who played ROGER SUCKED! Roger is my favorite character in the show and maybe I am too much attached to Adam Pascal who originated the role Off-Broadway, starred on Broadway, starred in the movie, and is currently rapping up the tour. This guy tried to make Roger an emo asshole. Sorry if that is harsh but this guy could not sit still, he looked like he had to go to the restroom during most songs. AND his pants were way too tight.

On the plus side the rest of the cast was great! BEAU HIRSHFIELD played Mark Cohen and brought new dept to the character and added a lot to him. SABRINA SLOAN played Mimi Marquez who was so good. She has an amazing voice and needs to get herself on Broadway ASAP. The best couple/pair was NICOLE TILLMAN as Joanne Jefferson and CALLIE CARSON as Maureen Johnson. They just worked together and were better then the two actress on the Broadway Tour right now.

So get out to see this show they only got onew week left. Click Here for more INFO.

"Well -- this is quite an operation"-lyrics from Life Support from RENT

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