Friday, December 11, 2009

Breaking Free

Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame will will be the first star of the franchise to hit Broadway as Usnavi in IN THE HEIGHTS. Bleu's run will be from January 25 - April 25, 2010. Many fans hit the facebook, forums and blogs to give their opion of the casting news. In response Lin-Manuel Miranda who orginated the role, was a Tony award winner of the show wrote this note to fans via Broadway

Miranda writes: "First of all, thank you for taking the time
to write a message in full sentences, much less make it rhyme.
You'd be amazed at all the horrid punctuation I see
e.g. "I-L-Y, ROTFL, OK G2G."
Now as for Corbin Bleu, chalk it up to ambition.
The dude came in and straight SMASHED his audition.
But can he "hold the flow?" Well, I know the part, I did it.
We'd NEVER cast someone unless they proved that they could spit it.
When he came in the room, I ain't think that he would get it.

He won us over, pa. You can tell the haters I said it.
Now THIS is sensitive, and I'm hesitant to begin again
But I'm a Puerto Rican-Mexican; I PLAYED Dominican.
And everyone's from everywhere, we are reppin' so many things
Andrea's Venezuelan and Jewish, Karen's like twenty things
So yes, I see your point, but ethnicity's just a factor They've gotta play the part: in the end, dude is an ACTOR.
Javi is amazing. Jon Rua is too.
Michael Balderrama makes the drama ring true.
They're big footsteps; I wrote a really big shoe.
This one is Lin-approved: Mr. Corbin Bleu. "

I personally think Corbin will make a great Usnavi. I actually met Corbin about a year ago at a work function and he was sooo nice, very grounded, and very close to his father. He can sing and has a great following which will do great for ticket sales. I support the casting!

"Breaking Free"-song from High School Musical

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