Monday, December 7, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends

Music Monday: Songs that pick me up on a bad day!On sad gloomy days like today these are a few songs I can depend on to make me feel better.
1) Side by Side/ What Would We Do Without You?: Company (2006) featuring Raul Esparaza and company. This song's meaning is better sweet because it is the song where Robert realizes that he is alone but on the plus side its so upbeat that it softens the blow of being alone.

2) With A Little Help From My Friends: from the film the Universe featuring Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson and company. This song just makes you want to be drunk singing with close friends.

3) And Then There Were None (live at the apple store recording) from Spring Awakening Live featuring John Gallagher Jr. This is a great let out your anger song. You can sing it at the top of your lungs and release all that negative energy.

4) Skid Row: Little Shop of Horrors: Original cast recording featuring Ellen Greene and Lee Wikof. This song makes you see that even though life sucks you can sing a fun song about it.

5)La Vie Boheme: Rent (movie cast): featuring Anthony Rapp and company. There is no better song that one could sing to tell the world that yes I am different but I love it!

"With A Little Help From My Friends"-Song from Across the Universe.

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